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Adoptions Northwest Inc. is a licensed Adoption Agency in the State of Oregon.  We have maintained our license in good standing since our inception in June, 2018.  License Number 0317.

Please feel free to reach out to us at if we can provide any additional information.

Agency License


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Senate Bill 710

Senate Bill 710 requires all Child Caring Agencies to provide a report on the specific use of restraints and seclusion.  All quarterly reports, beginning January 10, 2022 can be found below.  

All youth served in a licensed Child Caring Agency must receive information about SB 710.  

     Restraint means holding a child in a way that does not allow them to move.

     Seclusion means a child is locked in an area or a room and is not allowed to leave.

As a rule, Adoptions Northwest does not participate in any type of restraint or seclusion practices.  Families licensed by Adoption Northwest must agree that these practices are not acceptable and will not be engaged.

If you have been the victim of restraint or seclusion practices, please reach out to any of the following agencies for assistance:

Oregon Child Abuse Hotline (ORCAH)     1-855-503-SAFE (7233)

Children's Care Licensing Program          503-947-2331 

DRO                                                                 503-243-2081 

Ombudsman                                                 1-855-840-6036

OYA Hotline                                                   1-800-315-5440

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Annual Filings

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