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Become an adoptive parent can be a life changing experience.  There are many ways to learn more and we strongly encourage families to gain as much knowledge as possible while on this journey.

Below are links to relevant videos and other information every family should review

Watch a short video ReMoved

Remember My Story - ReMoved Part 2

Love is Never Wasted - ReMoved Part 3

It is important to understand that until the adoption is finalized the child placed in your home is considered a pre-adoptive foster child.  Each foster parent and foster child has a bill of rights.

Foster Parent Bill of Rights

Foster Child Bill of Rights

As an prospective adoptive parent you will also be a Mandatory Reporter.  You are in a unique position to be aware of when a child reports potential abuse or neglect and you are required to report these allegations to the Child Protective Services Hotline. 

Mandatory Reporting training and information can be found here.

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