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Adoption Training
Foster Care Adoption

Prospective adoptive parents are required to complete 24 training hours of pre-adoptive training called Foundations.  Foundations training is offered in several locations throughout the state.  

The links below will outline foundations classes available at each of these organizations:

State of Oregon Foundations Training

Boys and Girls Aid Society Foundations Training

Christian Family Adoptions, email for Foundations Training information

While the Foundations training is a requirement we do not recommend this is the only training you complete.  There are many great trainings, classes, books, and videos that talk about the foster care experience, working with children, and parenting.  We strongly encourage you to gain as much knowledge as you can along the way.

Non-Foster Care Adoption

Any non-foster care adoption is considered an independent adoption.  This can include a relative, step-parent, or private infant adoption.  While the training requirements are less, the topics covered are still regulated.  This training can be done through the state training, or at private training sites.  

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