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We believe that every family who meets State and Federal qualifications should have the opportunity to provide a home for a child.  It is our greatest desire to keep our fees affordable for all.  

                     Foster Care Adoption Fee                                                  $2,250
                        - Adoption from the foster care system

                     Independent Adoption                                                      $2,250
                         - Any adoption not foster care
                             - Infant adoption
                             - Relative adoption
                             - Step-parent adoption

                     Post Placement Follow-up, Independent Adoption         $1,000
                         -2 visits and court recommendation

                     Additional Visits                                                                $350
                        - If additional post placement visits are

                           required for independent adoptions 
Travel Fees
We are located in Springfield, Oregon.  If you live outside the immediate area travel fees will apply.  We try to keep these fees as low as possible.

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