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Mission, Goals and Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

Foster children are caught in a situation they did not create but cannot change. Adoption
Northwest’s purpose is to assist those children in changing their situation for the better through
adoption or self-sufficiency. We also seek to assist families who desire to adopt and keep
children out of the foster care system and to support foster children in their home live their
best life.


To assist all children, regardless of differences, to find safe and permanent homes.  To assist
youth aging out of the foster care system to create a safe, self-sufficient life outside of foster
care. To provide assistance to all families seeking to provide permanency to a child.


To assist children impacted by the foster care system to build a better life.


At Adoptions Northwest, we have an immediate goal of serving and representing children in
foster care to find permanent, loving homes.


We will assist Northwest families on their journey through adoption. We will do this by
spending quality time getting to know each family through strategic interviewing and home
study. If a family is approved for adoptive placement, we will assist in a national search of foster
children waiting to be adopted.


We have a longer-range goal of creating programs that will support foster children who are
aging out of the foster care system. Currently, the majority of our foster children are in care
until they turn 18, at which point they are removed from the system and expected to be adults.
However, many of these children have not had the benefit of the experiences that prepare a
person to be an adult. These include basic tasks like opening a checking account, reading bus
schedules, etc. A common issue is the ability to obtain a driver’s license. In order to do so, you
need to have a vehicle to practice driving, an adult willing to let you practice with them, money

to pay for the exam and license, and a vehicle to take the test with. Another major barrier is
how to find, apply, interview, and maintain employment.

Privacy Policy

At Adoptions Northwest we understand the need for security and privacy.  We do not sell, donate, or provide your personal information to anyone for any purpose 

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