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      You CAN Make a Difference in the Life of a Child

Finding Lasting Homes for America's Foster Children

Adoptions Northwest is a non-profit adoption agency working to better the lives of children in foster care through adoption and supported 'aging out'. We are human service specialists who believe that every child deserves to feel special, supported, and loved by a family.

More than 5,000 children live in foster care in Oregon and over 500,000 live in foster care nationwide. This is an epidemic and a symptom of the drug and mental health crisis we currently face in the United States. These children find themselves without a permanent family through no fault, option, or choice of their own.

These are children that are living in houses that are not their homes, sleeping in beds that are not their beds, and going to schools that are temporary.  They do not make friends because  why put forth the effort to make a friend you will likely move in a couple of months. They often lose contact with siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins because of the poor decisions their parents made.  These children are depending on us to find a positive and immediate solution.


The statistics for children in foster care are staggering. They are 50% less likely to graduate from high school and less than 4% will go to college, even though they may be able to get it completely paid for. They are highly likely to be incarcerated repeatedly.

These children struggle due to experiences in foster care.  On average they will move more than five times in their first year of placement.  This creates uncertainty, fear, and a desire to please the adults in their lives.  If they are not fortunate enough to return home or be placed with a relative during their time in care, it is likely that this movement will continue over and over until they age out of the system.  During this process children lose hope, they lose their trust in people and their faith in the system.  They fall behind in school and get frustrated, angry, and aggressive.  But these children are not lost, they simply need someone to believe in, and someone to believe in them.

Have you considered how you can help a child in foster care?  Have you considered adoption or being a mentor?  It is our mission to remind these kids that they have done nothing wrong and there are loving, caring adults who want to make them a permanent part of their family and provide them with a loving, lasting family relationship.

Can't adopt?  Can you donate or volunteer?  Every dollar helps us make a difference in the life and future of a child.  Please consider what you can do to assist a child in foster care and then reach out.  We're here to assist you, wherever you can help.